Redefine Yourself

SUNBOW VO cares about how new generations think about their work.
Awarding-winning Industrial design provides unparalleled working experience.

Extremely Reliable Cloud Service

With our powerful cloud server and top security design, you are guaranteed the following:
Cloud Server + Load Balancing + Clustered Application Layer Server + Multilevel Standby Domain Name and DNS Server + Linux

Cloud Server + Multi Platform + Multi Terminal

B/S architecture powers easy access to real-time data whenever and wherever you are connected to Internet.

A Work Mate Around the Wrist

By simply following the guide of the voice system, operators can easily find
the shortest path to finish their work, saving tons of energy and time.
SUNBOW VO continuously provides voice-enabled work experience for all your team members.

Innovative Voice Picking Technology

Based on the current voice picking technology, SUNBOW developed the pick-and-sow method in order picking which combines the advantages of both fruit picking method and sowing method. Such technology can cover a large working radius with multi products picked at the same time, dramatically increasing efficiency. Operators can conduct multi-order picking operation while putting goods into different boxes according to the size of cart, which significantly improve the efficiency of order picking. Order merging technology boosts optimization of picking path, saving enormous costs on PDA and sowing wall equipment.

See Through The "Package"

The powerful cloud calculating and big data processing provide customers with real-time data analyses of the warehouse,
including personnel and SKU analyses, assisting your decision making.

Precise Management

With the help of analyses and reports from SUNBOW VO system, you can see through busy work in the warehouse, which boosts precise management.
Who knows if you are not the next "Picking Champion".







Create Values For You

  • Redefine the warehouse by powering
  • hand-free work style.
  • Dramatically increase satisfaction among all team members.
  • Reduce cost of training.
  • Boost efficient management.
  • 40% faster than traditional technology.
  • 50% error reduction.
  • 20% labor cost reduction.

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