Shanghai Sunbow Technology Co., Ltd., which was invested by National Technology Transferring Center of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), was founded in 2007. Sunbow is a high-tech company concentrating on providing products, services and solutions in material processing field. In 2015, Sunbow Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established. As a technological innovation-based enterprise, we are dedicated to researching and providing artificial intelligence products and services, offering professional solutions to our global customers. Voice picking now is the key project of Sunbow Smart, and our goal is to make our technology widely applied worldwide within 5 years.

The Development Process


Born in the postgraduate student dormitory in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (since 1896), Sunbow has kept the University’s tradition of seeking truth from facts in its nature when it comes to scientific research and development.

The first step was dense. Within 2 years after its establishment, Sunbow has finished hardware architecture construction, integration of office automation and the launch of ERP system based on B/S structure. During this time, project management system was generalized, together with the setup of data center, which powers resource sharing within the corporation.

R&D is the essence of Sunbow. While studying and developing new products, Sunbow pays much more attention to the building of the platform for products and research, and has formed the product platform of pipeline cutting machine, which is mainly composed of STZQ and ThinkPipe products.

We have created the international brands of "SUNBOW" and "ThinkPipe" which have been exported to the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Arian, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Burma, Algeria, Botswana and other countries in the world.


By examining and summarizing the past, Sunbow have excavated the true vision of the heart – to "create a respected centenarian corporation". The inherent responsibility and bravery, technological innovation, the habit of deepening respect for customers, creating quality and acting quickly in business are all covered in this great vision. Sunbow saw their mission in providing high quality products and services to the global customers with innovation and dedication; Sunbow aim to become the market leader and an innovative enterprise of constant learning and finally contribute to the community through educational investment.


In 2107, it will be Sunbow's 100th birthday. We hope that Sunbow will become a symbol of China by then. In a hundred years, a lot of new technologies and products will emerge, and SUNBOW will experience a lot of product cycles and even technological revolution. But the spirit of Sunbow will stay the same, which will be interpreted with a larger scope and ambition.


Our Vision

  • Create a respected centennarian corporation!

Our Mission

  • To be the world market leader by providing qualified and innovated products and services.
  • To establish a learning type enterprise.
  • To create a benignant running model and pay back society through investing education

Our Values

  • Driven by passion and innovation, we are honest and responsible for creating values for our customers.